Creek Indian Legend tells of an ancient serpent that roams the waters of the Chattahoochee River and has the ability to pull a human underwater to their watery death.
COLUMBUS, GA: The Chattahoochee River is full of creatures such as snakes, fish, and as many learned last week, alligators. While many were shocked to see a large alligator making its way down First Avenue near downtown last week it's not the only thing spooky that has made its way out of the river according to a legend of an ancient Indian tribe.

Long before the city of Columbus was settled much of the Chattahoochee Valley was inhabited by Indian tribes. This area was well known as being home to a large Creek Indian settlement. Creek legend told a tale of a serpent that lurked in the waters of the Chattahoochee River near what is now downtown Columbus.

The legends told of a mythological monster known as a Tie Snake. Tie Snakes were said to be venomous serpents that carried a large amount of strength and were known for snatching humans and dragging them to the watery underworld. The legend describes the snakes as being the size of normal snakes and appearing like normal snakes. Some legends suggest that tie snakes were horned serpents in appearance.

Creek legend says that a Tie Snake inhabited the Chattahoochee near what is now downtown Columbus. The legend holds so much footing that in 2004 a historical marker was placed along the Phenix City Riverwalk marking the location of where the Tie Snake was said to inhabit.

While recently there have been no reports of the serpent rising from the Chattahoochee or snatching people into the river the Chattahoochee is still home to several species of snakes both venomous and non-venomous including watersnakes and cottonmouths. Like most other species of snakes, the snakes that live in or near the river try their best to avoid interactions with humans and are not trying to drag unsuspecting humans to their watery grave.

There are several legends that relate to Indian folklore in the Chattahoochee Valley and the river. The Tie Snake is just one tale of local folklore and legend. While the Chattahoochee River has been the site of several deaths due to drownings over the years the culprit is believed to be the strong currents underwater in the Chattahoochee and not the Tie Snake. Many residents have also noted a curse on the Chattahoochee River that was said to have been placed there by an ancient Indian tribe being driven from their lands by settlers. That curse is said to be the reason for so many drownings and deaths in the river according to another legend.