Second Diverging Diamond Interchange In The Works For Columbus

Staff Reporter ([email protected])
A new diverging diamond interchange is in the works for the intersection of Bradley Park Drive and U.S. Highway 80. The project would be the second of its kind in Columbus. (photo credit- Georgia Department of Transportation)
COLUMBUS, GA-The Georgia Department of Transportation announced today that it has approved the location and design of Project #0013373 for Muscogee County, a project that would reconfigure the interchange of Bradley Park Drive and US 80/Georgia 22/JR Allen Parkway into a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI). The design and location were approved on Jan. 12, 2021.

A diverging diamond interchange allows two directions of traffic to temporarily cross to the left side of the road. It moves high volumes of traffic through an intersection without increasing the number of lanes and traffic signals. The designs have already been installed at many intersections around the Metro Atlanta area.

The diverging diamond interchange proposed for Bradley Park Drive will become the second such interchange in Columbus. Work is underway for the construction of a similar interchange at the intersection of Buena Vista Road and Interstate 185 in Columbus. Currently several properties have been purchased and demolished near the intersection to make way for the new interchange.

The Bradley Park Drive project would begin at the intersection of Bradley Park Drive with Stoneshoal Court and Brookstone Centre Parkway and end 400 feet east of the intersection of Bradley Park Drive with Belfast Drive, for an overall approximate 0.7 mile length. The project limits are all within Muscogee County and the City of Columbus.

Bradley Park Drive currently has three to four travel lanes and a two-way left-turn lane, and would be modified into a divided four-lane roadway with a raised median and outside curb and gutter. Sidewalk would be added on the outside except within the DDI, where sidewalk would be added in the median. The existing bridge over Georgia 22 would be retained.

GDOT has announced no timeline for the project to begin. The project in the works for Buena Vista Road was first announced in 2018.